All things are possible through God

Posted: September 18, 2007 in Faith, new church

Luke 1:37 “For nothing is impossible with God”

If nothing is impossible with God then that means that anything is possible with God. That means that God can take a ruined situation, a forgotten life, a broken world and transform into something of significance. It means that God is able to bring something out of nothing; it means God can create a new community of faith for His purposes in the world. What would it mean for us to really believe this verse? What would happen in our churches today if we really believed the verse?  What would happen in our marriages, parenting, friendships, vocation if we really believed this verse?  Are we dreaming the kind of dreams that make room for this verse to be realized in our lives? If we really believe that all things are possible with God what would we take on within the world. Do we believe that with God hunger, war, poverty, sickness, racism, sexism, and all other injustices can be eliminated? Do we believe that atheist, agnostic, the religious folks, extremist, etc can come to know Jesus Christ and be transformed into a new creation? I look around today and I’m not convinced that “claim to be Christians” really believe the truth of this verse; our actions speak louder than our voices. Maybe if we truly believed in the hope that is present in this small verse we would begin to see the Kingdom of God here with us; maybe our lives, churches, communities, nations, and world would be transformed.

Lord, help me to practice the kind of faith today that is found in the heart of this verse. Use this small but pregnant thought to remind me of your creative power and grace. Thank you for reminding me that all things are possible with you and that this new church will be birthed in your presence and faithfulness because nothing is impossible with you. As Crossroads is being shaped from the ground up without the ground may you instill down deep inside of our hearts that you are at work and where you are at work crazy things can take place that are against the rules and laws of the world. In spite of the odds, the discouragement, the view of others, the pessimism give me the grace today to put my faith in you and to know that you are a God that specializes in doing the impossible and through you all things are possible. I thank you for this reminder today. Amen!

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  1. felisia watson says:

    - this reading , helpd me to beleive that all things are possible through god , thank you for giveng me the encouragement that i needed for to dae thank you ! , god blees !

  2. Elida says:

    I really enjoy reading this great example of faith I learnd that all that us needed is to have faith in our lord that nothing is impossible fir him:)

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